Thursday, 27 June 2013

27th June - more snapping this week

I forgot to tell you about my crime last week!!  I washed my pink lipstick which had beeen in my WHITE crop trousers in the washing machine with 2 of my husband's WHITE bowls shirts and my white underwear.
What happened?
Yes you guessed white garment had pink stains on them, the worst were the bowls shirts and boy was Peter cross (no furious) with me!!  A day later I googled all the stain removers and tried good old washing up liquid and viola! white clothes again :)  So my negative became good..........thank goodness!!

We have free use of a greenhouse this summer. My friend Carol who is now living most of each month in Wilts with her man friend has let us use hers. We bought 3 cucmbers some lettuce and tomato plant


  1. Your post got doubled. Don't know how you managed that, lol.

  2. Thank goodness you got the stains out. I can imagine Peters face.

    Lucky you with the green house. I am envious.

  3. Phew re the stains, Mick would never have forgiven me lol. Cucumber and lattuces are looking good. xx

  4. You did well with those stains!

    Good luck with the growing season :) xxx