Monday, 1 July 2013

30th June - my lost post! Xanthe's 3rd Birthday

Well don't know where my post went but def duplicated one post so here goes with the lost one all about Xanthe's 3rd birthday last Sunday! She is our 6th grandchild, the 2nd Granddaughter and we think the last!
 Here she was greeting us as we arrived and opening one of our presents
We were then treated to different outfits that she had been given! The lady with many outfits!!
1. Our present a woodland fairy outfit, the head dress she didn't like!!
2. She then wanted to be a princess from Cinderella!
3. turn the dress inside out and we have Snow white, no Wicked Queen thank goodness!!
Finally Auntie Jo arrived with the jewels!!
Look at my 'Pat from Eastenders' earrings. yes she loved them, but not the necklace, that soon came off!!
OK you want a smile so this is my best one!!!


  1. Lynne, she is a little love and looks so gorgeous in her outfits. Our little Sian, who is 3 in September also loves dressing up.
    Doesn't time fly?

  2. So gorgeous and cute :D 3 is my very favourite age of my children! xxx

  3. Ah how lovely Lynne she looks gorgeous and like she is having a lot of fun. x

  4. aww lovely pictures, happy birthday Xanthe. x

  5. She is an absolute little doll Lynne! I LOvE those outfits, soooo pretty xx