Tuesday, 30 July 2013

30th July - Lucky Snapping - Extra week!

Thank you Kathi for providing us with a week 5 challenge this week. Sorry... I failed to deliver yesterday :( but here I am today :)

Monday 29th was no photo day, I had intended to take a photo at SW yesterday teatime but went with no camera or phone and instead of getting my stone award STS (stayed the same :(  Came home and ate and drank wine to compensate and of course put on LOL!!

Tuesday 30th  Grandchildren today so busy, busy.....rained all day and very breezy but not cold. We went to the gym am then played at home pm whilst I tried to sort out our house insurance, Why did I leave it all month until 2 days before renewal...because I hate the challenge to get a better insurance. I am sure if I was younger I would love it but not these days when I have plenty of time. Life seems so difficult these days in every areas and I am sure it is an age thing!  Anyway have cancelled the insurance renewal for £286 and found a similar cover for £170 so very happy and feel clever at 68!!!

Cannot do 1 photo today so here are today's photos
Breakfast with Grandad!
 Zac eating his marmite on toast!
 We went to the gym for a couple of hours am
 Graandad escaped to read the paper and have a cup of coffee, I found him surrounded by Mum's and children starting to have their picnics!!


  1. great photos and well done with the house insurance....I looked round the internet to find ours cheaper and then rang current providers who made it cheaper....why didn't I do that first or why don't they actually quote cheap to begin with!!!, lol

  2. Lynne,
    I like your post and photos for the day!
    Your grandchildren are happy with such caring grandparents.

  3. Well done on the house insurance. Ours is renewed in August as well.
    Peter is a great Grandad. He looks really relaxed for the moment

  4. Good news on the insurance, we wanted something new and decided to try and squeeze the money out of our existing bills, well we did and saved loads, why didn't we do it before? Because it is a hassle isn't it!

    Lovely photos from today, they made me smile this evening :)
    I actually went out and purposely took some photos for the challenge yesterday, but time to blog them, well that has passed me by! Hopefully at the weekend! xxx

  5. Ahhh, those children really are brother and sister! well done on all your successes.. and for enjoying the wine and chocs! ;-)
    And Jen will be fine, a weeks worth at the weekend.. no prob x