Monday, 22 July 2013

July 23rd - A Baby Boy!

Well Kate and William have finally had their baby today! Congratulations to them, I do hope they have some privacy for the next few weeks!

It is my quotation week this week but I will leave this tonight and today show some photos of Zachary today. He has started his school hols today so we have Xanthe and Zac tomorrow for the day
His mum took this photo today of all his freckles! I am so proud of him. He had an excellent report with excellent SATS above average!
On Sunday the family went to a garden centre where he met some eagles.
 They also have a new addition to the family, another cat that has been called Flump. She is so sweet, we met her on Sunday


  1. Zac looks a lovely lad and the kitten is so cute

  2. Well done to Zac. I love the photos of Flump. Kittens are so cute but very hard work always on the go and into everything.

  3. Hey, wouldn't it be just great if they defied convention and called the baby Zac.. how cool would 'our Zacs' be!!! xx

  4. Hello Lynnе! Wonderful pictures!
    I greet all British with the birth of
    the royal baby.
    Well done to Zac!
    He is handsome and very smart young man - as his grandparents! / Smile!
    The kitten is cool. Flump wants a lot of care, too.
    Have a nice day!

    1. The kitten is cute but the family did not APPRECIATE my step daughter coming at 9pm at night with the kitten as a present!!

    2. Wow! I love it!
      You're in luck - it's not a tiger! Smile and a nice day!

  5. Beautiful little boy and beautiful kitten, Lynne ! xxx

  6. Well done Zac and his little brother is gorgeous. All these babies, I am at risk of becoming broody!!! Gorgeous kitten as well. xx

  7. Zac is such a cute little boy! I love all of his freckles. LOL! The news of the baby has been big headlines here as well. Everyone is calling him "The Prince Baby". I have enjoyed reading news stories and seeing pictures of how supportive the people of UK are for the Royal Family. I think it is great.

  8. Oh, I forgot to add that the little kitty is adorable!