Sunday, 7 July 2013

7th July - Lucky Snapping week 1 -View and summer at last!

I am just making this week whilst I watch the tennis final and drink bubbly. This weekend has been a heat wave...summer here at last! The temp in the garden says 28C with a lovely warm breeze but I am glued to the TV inside!!

July poem says - " Hot July brings cooling showers,
                            apricots and gillyflowers"

I was going to look up what gillyflowers looks like, but Borqna has, thank you xx

Well we now def have hot July but I hope there will be no cooling showers except in our bathroom !!

HE'S WON!!!!!

Now my July views! 2nd July warm but sea mists swirling in
 An evening shot
This afternoon, facecloths drying on bench!!

 Front garden above in June and now poppies gone and rose bushes flowering in July below 
Flowers at the back of the house which faces SW and gets a lot of sun

And of course Xanthe last week at an Open garden out in the country. The cows got very frightened of her not vice versa!!


  1. Wow, lovely garden shots.

    Andy did well didn't he! xxx

  2. 77years - Enough! One of the UK champion "Wimbledon" - this is a title in the newspaper.
    /Double seven is probably the happiest day - July 7./
    Wonderful post, dear Lynne! Gorgeous beauty around you!
    Xanthe is a beautiful little lady!
    Thank you so much - your visits to my blog make me happy.

  3. Lynne, It's been a great tennis weekend, hasn't it?
    You're garden looks lovely.

  4. what gorgeous flowers, love the photos of Xanthe x

  5. Your garden looks beautiful! I would love to be sitting out in it enjoying a cup of tea with you!

    1. Wish you would, you and Thadd are always welcome! You crossed the pond once...we are nearer than Venice!!