Saturday, 13 July 2013

12th July Lucky Snapping week 2 challenge - LUCKY

This week is Anne's challenge week 'Let's Reflect' and from her word, SILVER LININGS it is letter L for LUCKY

Luck(y)or chance is an event which occurs beyond one's control without regard to one's will, intention or desired result.

  • Luck can be good or bad
  • Luck can be accident or chance
  • Luck applies to an entity
It is very easy to say to people good luck or I was lucky but I try as a Christian to sometime use the word blessings...good luck - may God be with you. The word comes from  15C Dutch word 'gheluc' meaning happiness, good fortune shortened to luc. German word is gluck.

So what am I blessed with, a lovely husband, family,(not always a blessing when there are problems!!) friends and most important good health..

At the moment the UK is having a summer heatwave so we can have an outdoor life after a long winter so my blessings this week were..
MONDAY  -  Temp in garden on Monday at 8pm!
I lost 21/2lbs at SW and came home with the recipe for SW Pimms,,, jug of diet lemonade and 2 capfuls of balsamic vinegar and fruit and mint, it tastes yummy!!!!
TUESDAY  -  Xanthe day so we took ourselves off to the beach after watering the garden

WEDNESDAY   -  A morning out with Peter, we had breakfast on the beach, a walk along Bexhill seafront and then coffee at another cafe before coming home,a perfect summer morning!
THURSDAY - was a scrapping class and I actually finished the LO in the 2 hr class. Another of talented Anita McDonald's class LO..... lovely to chat and copy once a month!! and I feel it may have got my mojo going as today Sat I feel like doing this week's WC on UKS!
FRIDAY  -  SUNDAY hopefully eating here each day!

How blessed I am!


  1. Hey Lynne, I was wondering when we would hear from you. The photo with Xanthe is so sweet and it fits the LO perfectly... I just realized it's a different one, lol but she is dressed the same way and doing the same thing. May be you took it on the same day ?
    You are very lucky indeed. xxx

  2. It looks like you have had a lovely week.
    Being able to spend time with grand children is such a blessing.

  3. Lovely post and photos. I am glad the weather has warmed up enough that you can now enjoy being at the beach and in your garden. xxx