Sunday, 15 December 2013

15th December - Part 2 - SILVER LINING week - G..... for.... GO FOR IT!!

This week in our final month is Ann's challenge and the last letter in our Silver Lining let's reflect  is G - Go for it!
She asks us to blog about our Christmas. Take photos of preparations during Advent, tell what we are doing towards the big day or about Christmas past.

Well this week has been very busy as we started the week with my step daughter's birthday so we had most of the family for a Christmas dinner since Peter and I will be way for Christmas this year. No photos taken of the family around the table but here are the 2 tables laid for the meal.!!
 Here is Jo opening her presents
Yesterday I went to a wreath making class in the morning, a birthday present from Perdita here is the wreath I made. The only problem is it keeps falling off the PVC door!!
In the evening we had a meal for my friend Carol who was home for the weekend
 Here she is with her partner Dave
As we are away we haven't got many decorations or lights up but I did decorate a little wooden tree
 and got out all our welcome lights, we have one in the bedroom, one in the hall, one in the kitchen and in the lounge too!

All our presents have been wrapped and delivered to the families and cards written and sent so sadly no photo opportunities to record these this year!
My advent candle is still be burnt each day!
 These presents are waiting to be delivered to a CA.P (Christians Against Poverty) family at the end of next week. Each housegroup in our church were given a family and had to spend no more than £10 per person in that family. This is our pile of presents for a single Mum with 3 young children
 Well what are we up to? We are off for 4 nights to a hotel with Saga, full board and a  themed musical entertainment!
The last time we went away for Christmas was in 1998 when we flew to Salzburg, Austria to stay a week with some aquaintances that had stayed with us previous years. Austrians celebrate their Christmas on Christmas Eve and return to work on our Boxing day so we travelled on Christmas day.  Peter had his unexpected present on the plane! He was allowed to go into the cockpit (you were in those days before 9/11) during the flight and was allowed to stay and sit between the 2 pilots as they landed the plane on a snowy runway!
Then our unexpected 'adventure' began! We arrived to find we would not be staying with these friends but ended up being put up in an empty guesthouse in a small dimly lit bedroom with a shower in the corner of the bedroom and toilet down a long corridor. We were invited twice for a meal at their house but had to find public transport and eat all our meals including breakfast out!
I am sure this won't happen this year!!


  1. I absolutely love the table settings. Gorgeous ! I hope you will have a wonderful time away. xxx

  2. :0 re your stay in Austria, I am sure you won't have that happen this time round :)

    Table looks lovely and looks like you have had a really good week. Take care and enjoy your tirp. xx

  3. Wonderful publications Lynn - congratulations!
    Christmas spirit is all around you - it's great!
    Christmas decoration is just fantastic! You did a great job! BRAVO!
    I remember that your trip - you wrote before! What an adventure, right! I often think about it.
    / That's why I'm afraid to be a housewife for Christmas. /
    Happy Holidays and enjoy your trip!

  4. your wreath is gorgeous! Oh dear at the Austria adventure...I am sure you will have a lovely time away this time :)

  5. I love your table settings. I can't read were you are going for Christmas but I'm sure you will enjoy it.
    Roland and I are thinking about going away next Christmas.

  6. Have a great trip Lynne, thank you so much for your unstinting efforts this year. I have read your stories even if not always answering! Some people just don't know how to be hosts do they!
    Love for Christmas and 2014 Kathi xxx