Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dec 22nd - end of the run up to Christmas week!

Thought I would put some more photos taken last week
I have managed to burn my Advent candle daily and not go past the day! Tonight I burnt the candle completely to 24th as we go away tomorrow!!
Xanthe opening her Christmas cards she got at playgroup on Tuesday!
Today we gave Xanthe her Christmas present. We have kept this wooden daoll's house for the last 2 years until she was old enough! She loved it!


  1. Have a wonderful time away, gorgeous doll's house, funny I was only thinking about the one my dad made me the other dad lol. xx

  2. Enjoy your time away Lynne and Peter. xx

  3. Wonderful post! Great gift!
    / I of course read from front to back. /