Saturday, 25 May 2013

25th May Another Bank Holiday! Nostagia - Party Memories

Can you believe that it is another Bank holiday and June at the end of next week!

Yesterday was awful weather. It was so cold I put winter clothes back on and the CH on too and we were still cold. Like a lot of areas we had a big thunder storm accompanied by hail stones yesterday pm. I took photos from inside the house!

So now to this week's challenge from Kathi's Nostalgia theme. This week she asks us for past Memories whether they are birthdays, weddings, college parties,milestone celebrations or themed/fancy dress parties.

I am starting back to front with most recent to most distant as the older photos have to be scanned into the computer later today/tomorrow!

I reflected on past parties and realisd
1)I have no birthdaypart / party photos just memories as a child and at college and only my children's birthday parties which are very poorly taken photos!
2) that at about 50yrs sadly the wild theme parties finished and they became milestones and wedding anniversary milestones celebrations

So I am starting with WA photos from Golden weddings in last 5yrs
2009 Mike and Kath. Mike was my late ex husband's best man at our wedding, they live in France
Peter's cousin Bob and his wife Jean and all the family at a lunch meal Jan 2010
Peter with his 2 half sisters
Peter and his late wife would have celebrated 50yrs in 2010. Here he is with his son and daughter as we went out for a meal on that date in Feb
Close friends celebrated their Golden wedding in  Aug 2010 in their garden with a jazz band and group of singers in the evening!
 Another couple of friends had their meal at the same hotel as his cousins in Oct 2010
Now we go onto Silver Wedding celebrations with close friends in May 2009, I was the 'best lady'!! very casual, a BBQ which carried on into the evening
and of course ours in Oct 2010. My friend Inga wore the outfit she wore 25yrs ago!!

Off now to albums for the fun parties when we were younger to show you tomorrow!!


  1. What a lovely lot of happy photos Lynne, I especially love that last one of you and Peter :) xxx

  2. I agree with Jen, that last photo looks fantastic ! xxx

  3. ahhh Lynne, I am so sorry to have been so elusive, our big weekend is done now so I hope to be better at this now on..! Lovely pictures and so many nice memories, I like that you still acknowledge that peter would have had his Golden wedding, my Mum had 22 years with my dad and almost 20 with my step-dad so she never reached one Silver without being widowed, she would so have loved a party.. xx