Wednesday, 29 May 2013

MAY 29TH - Nostalgia -the wild days!!

Well I showed you all the boring Golden Wedding silver wedding celebrations!!

We have had loads of parties with children and grandchildren...well you would when you are nearly 68. I really don't feel that age and look back with sadness how life has become so staid!!

I have now had 'all my yesterday reminiscing' and gone through a lots of photo albums to scan these!!

Having been married in 1967 (1st time) and children born in 1970 and 1975 with very little photos in those days most of my photo memories are when my 1st husband left me and the wild 30's parties took place!!! Gosh how the thirties were such fun!!

Not showing you all the alchohol fueled filled parties we had but here goes
Before I met Peter and after my first DH left me I had a wonderful group of friends and the parties were always themed. I remember mask parties, cannot find any photos :(
Here is a Roman and Greek party that started with drinks at my house and then onto the party across the road in 1976... I am on the LH side and had an affair with the guy next to me in white :) He has now died! A lovely man.
 A meal at my dear friend Carol's house with her late DH, we had a aerosol cream fight LOL!! at the end of a meal. I would have been 32yrs!!
 On meeting Peter we went to a fancy dress party. Peter went as a rich Arab and I went as a  belly dancer!!

Sorry these were stuck in the photo album  so took a photo of the page. It was late 1970's before I met Peter. It was a  Nymph and Shepherd party, we certainly knew how to party!!

This is my friend Rosie now 80 this yr who I took shopping today, at 3am in the morning she found my ski boots and decided to wear them in 197. We were aall at work at 9am, though I had a very bad hangover!!

 My last photos of parties shows Peter's surprise 65th Party, where 90 people were invited and I cooked all through winter and left food frozen in friends freezers and bought alchohol also left in friend's garages.  He had now idea and came back from footie in London with his friend to the hall where all his friends and family were waiting. I had done a 'This is your Life' album. The last party I have done on this scale, it was hard work!!
I am feeling very sad and nostalgic about the fun times we had and don't have anymore. I guess this is life and I have been blessed with good friends who I still have and meet  but the parties have finished :(

Thank you Kathy for this challenge xxx


  1. Wow Lynne - loved seeing these photos of you in your "hey day!" It is a little sad but how great you have these memories to look back on rather than nothing at all! And you still have your lovely dinner parties. I like to think things don't stop they just change a little with each passing year!

  2. Ahhh Lynne, I do hope the enjoyment of the memories isn't outweighed! That's why blogging is so nice, scrapbooking too, because it takes you right back to the moments when you had the photo taken, but also when you did the layout or album I find.
    Your life is so great now.. you always say so, and I am sure your family will still find the need for your inspiration and baking when they start their family 'do's'
    (Mind you I think we have shown our lot how to party and have only just started!)

  3. What wonderful memories you have of all those great parties, I am sure there will be some more to come. xx

  4. What parties you can have guys, you are amazing ! xxx