Thursday, 23 May 2013

I'm back!! Not sure where to start! ...... View, Enjoy and holiday photos

Hello I seem to have been away a long time! It was only just over 2 weeks since we wnt away. We left on a Bank holiday and next weekend is another Bank holiday!!

So I think I will start with Jennie's week 1 View for May - well it is raining...are we surprised?
But since we left the cherry blossom tree has flowered and the bird tree cherry is also in flower. The willow tree is in leaf too. The tulips have nearly finished and you can see we have our mini green houses up, though we arrived home to find one had been blown away with the winds!!

From our kitchen window...same kind of view but a dull day !!
 From our front door the tree has leafed and the tulips are dying and poppies about to flower! All very green!

Now onto challenge week 2 from Anne  who asks use what do we do that makes us enjoy life?

Silver Linings Month 5 is E for ENJOY - to take delight or pleasure or to make a pleasant time.

Well having been away for Anne's week it was easy to do as we were away on holiday!

Since retiring I so enjoy life! The big enjoyment is to have holidays when ever I want! 

Peter and I have just spent 2 weeks in Brittany (Bretagne for Anne) It was the first time for Peter and my first time on the N coast for me). We have had a wonderful we always do together :) and here are some photos to share with those of you who haven't see them on Facebook! Two collages of our  accomodations
week 1 on the pink granite coast N Brittany
week 2 nr Locudey and Leconsil SW Brittany
 We really enjoyed coastal walk especially the first week and markets and beaches the 2nd week.
Anne we love France, driving is so easy and the people so friendly too!!
Here is a collage of a typical french market
I just love all the bags and baskets they sell and of course I had to purchased a couple!!

Of course Brittany are known for their crepes. How I enjoyed both sweet and savoury crepes! Here I am eating the first of many!!
We both enjoy our food and here you can see how much we enjoyed meal times, eating our self catering and picnicing too!
Now to show you photos of other things we enjoyed, walking the cliffs, sitting in warm sunshine, watching the fishing boats bringing in their catch

 We are home now and back to all the old routines but I so enjoyed seeing Xanthe and Zac again and Xanthe and I really enjoyed making cookies!
 Oh and I will finish with the lovely frenchman I nearly traded DH for LOL!! A George Clooney look alike!!


  1. Ahh, what a lovely post, it has really cheered me up this morning :) That looks a fab, fab holiday, you and Peter look so happy :)

    Thanks for joining in my challenges, the garden has really greened up :) xxx

  2. Oh wow, such lovely photos Lynne. Brittany is great. I used to go there as a kid for holidays and i was always saying it rains too much ( didn't know at the time I would move to the UK ...) but their crepes are sooo delicious. Glad you had a nice time and good to have you back! xxx

  3. great photos lynne, looks like you both had a great time...shame you had to come back to cold weather.