Thursday, 2 May 2013

2nd May - more birthdays and FSM May #1 and 2

This week we were challenged to talk about birthdays. Yesterday I showed you 2 old photos and today I will finish my week before we go away with more recent cake photos with some stories that go with the photo!
My 60th was when I officially retired from work and got my state pension, bus pass and of course fuel allowance ..none of which I intend to give back to the government!! My DIL arranged this cake and as you can see 3 months later we took nearly 3 mths travelling around NZ both N and S Island, how we wish we had been younger to emigrate there!!
I retired from teaching at 55yrs and got my work pension but then worked for LEA for 2 days a week. On the day I was 60 they bought me this champagne cake at work!
This was the cake I had made for my son's 40th birthday and I travelled to London by train carrying this to his birthday venue! It arrived intact!

These lovely cupcakes where ordered and bought by another DIL for the scrapping weekend retreat I was on to celebrate my birthday at the retreat. There were enough cupcakes for everyone there!
Another birthday we were on a cruise ship and this cake arrived at the table during the evening meal with the waiters standing round singing " Happy birthday Mitchell"!!
 We went out with friends for Peter's 70th and this was the cake that they produced at the end of the meal. The picture was one of him with a very large fish he had once caught
I guess I could find many more and tell many stories since I have many more years than most of you! but time is short so this blog was a sample!!

FSM #1 - I bought this pottery fish in Oporto last summer, it was my birthday present. I have it on the wall of our kitchen
FSM #2 = Morning ritual is staying in bed having my first cuppa and on my laptop


  1. What an amazing selection of cakes you have had over the years. Your son's one looks devine. Have a lovely time away. xx

  2. some gorgeous looking cakes there Lynne :)

  3. What would birthdays be without cake. Well done on getting your son's cake there in one piece.

  4. Congratulations! Awesome, dear Lynne!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!
    The Cake for your son is very beautiful and classy - you're a great mom!

  5. You have had some wonderful cakes over the years. Thanks for sharing the great pictures and stories. I think you have lived a very interesting and exciting life. I feel like an old fuddy-duddy compared to you! LOL!! Enjoy your trip and I look forward to seeing pictures when you get back.

  6. So many cakes Lynne I'm so jealous!!! Some of them look way to good to eat but i bet they dissapered very quickly! thank you for joining in with my prompt this week you have shared so many lovely photos!! xxxxxx