Friday, 3 May 2013

3rd May - is summer nearly here?

What a fabulous warm sunny day we have had today! Nearly ready to leave tomorrow evening and I am excited!!
FSM #3 - This is favourite meal usually just steak and salad but here I did SW chips for an EE meal :)

To finish off my birthday week challenge, I found some photos (not very good ones) with the DGC on my 63rd birthday and made it into a collage. No sign of Xanthe then!!
Thank you April for this week's challenge xx


  1. Hmm that steak looks nice, great collage of photos. x

  2. You're a Barbie girl - a dream!
    Great collage of photos - YES!!
    /I think the request / order / for Xanthe is on the cake! The Hint is -
    " You are very vibrant - how about another 1 grandchild?" Wink/

  3. have a lovely time away Lynne :)

  4. Looks lovely, have a great time Lynne!

  5. Yum, your steak has made me hungry! I love the collage. Have a wonderful and safe trip.

  6. Your meal looks yummy !!!!! Thank you for your wishes for Rhea. Not around much but still thinking about you. xxx