Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Week 5 and April's challenge - Birthdays and FSM - #29and30

Can we believe that tomorrow will be the 5th month of this year, MAY!!  After we retired life has sadly just continued to roll at a very fast pace for us.

So how lovely for April to give us this week's challenge BIRTHDAYS.  She has lots of ideas.
Today my blog is about birthday cakes in my life. So  today I went and  found in my photo archives the earliest photos I have ... April this took me a LONG time !!!!

The earliest photo is  me aged 7...look at the cake and how cute I look!! I was pleased to find this cake photo taken nearly 61 yrs ago!! THAT is a long time eh!!
OK next one is me at 21, just finished teacher training and had starting teaching H Ec 3 weeks before in a Sec school, so young!!  My late ex DH is in the photo as as my fiancee. We were in love!!
I have found lots of 'O' birthday cakes to show you all tomorrow and then on to some stories :)

FSM #20 - What I wore ...my Pandora bracelet
FSM - my glasses sit on this 'nose' as I sleep!!
Last night as SW I didn't  loose but I was awarded the prize for the most money raised for our chosen local charity  Macmillan Nurses over 6 weeks. I raised £80, thank you for everyone that sponsored me.  We gave them £235.00 


  1. Awww wow love the pictures you really captured the word!! hehe u look very proud of your cake!! xxx

  2. Well done to everyone at SW Lynne that was a great sum to raise.
    Loving your birthday cakes.

  3. You do look cute :). I am still thinking on this one. x

  4. well done for finding the photos....worth finding :) lovely photos of you and I like the number '7' cake. Well done on the money raised too.

  5. Lovely post - I really like your way - always interesting and fun here. Always has a line - shows that you were the teacher - people just fall in love with you and your story ...

  6. How wonderful that you have pictures that go back so far. I used to ask my mom about my birthdays when I was young because I swear I can't remember any of them until I was about 16. She told me that we just had family celebrations but I could find no pictures of any of them, or of my sister's and brother's birthdays. Weird huh? But anyway, I am glad you can share yours and your stories with us.