Tuesday, 16 April 2013

16th April - Lucky Snapping - Nostalgia and FSM #14, 15 and 16

This week on Lucky Snapping blog challenge we are going to tell each other about our favourite music or music which brings back memories! It could even be adverts
I had to start with this one which brings back memories of being a young mother and my first son mad about the Smurfs. He collected the little figures in his bedroom. We bought a cassette one Christmas and we all used to sing away to it and each Christmas until quite recently until we no longer had a cassette player it was played whilst I did Christmas cooking!!
Wonder how many of you remember them?

Father Abraham Smurf Song
I seem unable to put the Youtube screen on here so click on the link please!!

FSM photos
#14 - WATER
#15 - ALONE
#16 YOUR FAV COLOUR - blue in all areas of my life


  1. LOL yes I remember the smurfs he he!! Love those photos especially the cat one, gorgeous. Blue well what can I say snap, my fav too. xx

  2. I didn't know that song but I knew the smurfs and always loved them. xx

  3. Ahhhh I remember that. I sing Twinkle Twinkle to Lilly and she could say those words before some others!

  4. love all the blues in your photo- another one here who likes the colour blue. The water picture is great too.