Thursday, 11 April 2013

11th April - Lucky Snapping ' Silver Linings' letter V for Vulnerable and FSM photos

This week it is Anne's week to continue her Silver Linings theme with the 4th Letter V using the word

Anne says she reads "to be vulnerable is a sign of strength"  She says" It is important to acknowledge being vulnerable the moment we are. We won't change it but we can acknowledge it"!

The questions she asks us

  • What do you do when you feel vulnerable?
  • What do you eat and say?
  • How do you dress?
  • Do you talk to someone?
  • Do you avoid doing something or do much more?

What we tell each other could give us little secret remedies for each other.

Well my silence this week means I have found this blogging challenge difficult!! I discussed it today both with my friend Carol and Peter to give me a slant on the word

Carol said she felt so vulnerable when " my husband died suddenly and I was totally on my own dealing with everything alone" I suppose she went out a lot socialised and thankfully she has met someone to be with :)

Peter said "he has always felt vulnerable to people taking advantage of his good nature and sensibility " He says "he retreated into himself, never told anyone as he was embarrassed to have let people do it to him" This was in every walk of life, work, home when he was young with his family and socially. This was so sad for me to hear :(

The dictionary definition is - exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally "we were in a vulnerable position"

I think that these days I don't put myself in a vulnerable situation except when I go to the Drs with an ailment,  then I worry that it will snowball out of my control and end up with tests and a diagnosis I don't want to hear!!
Age and maturity has made me less vulnerable, but when I was younger I felt very vulnerable when I wasn't feeling confident. This could be at times in work, social situations, when I felt I wasn't dressed as others, that I wasn't so popular with boys!!. Later in life I felt I was bigger (fatter) than others didn't look good and if someone said something which hurt me I retreated into myself! ... (I could never take and still cannot take sarcasm)
Interestingly I never showed my feelings outwardly and still don't!  I have never ever told anyone how I felt. I can probably say that I would binge eat to feel better.
Today I always think that make up, hair and dress is important to face the world. It is important to me to make the best of myself,  to feel good and face any situation!

Now FSM catch up
#5 Air
#6 Dreamy
#8 On my plate - my breakfast!!
#9 Tiny - one of my Easter decorations!
#10 - my roof being cleaned today!
#11 Detail - a close up fo a dandelion clock seeds


  1. Yes, I have also found vulnerable difficult.

  2. You made me life Lynne with ".. I felt I was bigger (fatter) than others ...". I love your character, you are such a nice and open person. xxx

  3. you may have found it difficult but you did a great job with your blog post :)

  4. Great post Lynne. When I was most vulnerable I only had deal with self esteem. I was very thin back then. Now I am overweight but I have accepted that this is the way it is going to be. I have health issues that contribute to my weight and I have decided that people who may look at me with that "look" or want to judge me, are not worth my time. I just stare right back! LOL! You are such a wonderful, caring person and Thadd and I love having you and Peter as friends. And, you are gorgeous as well.

  5. I'm still working on vulnerable, well done for tackling it so well. Great photos I particularly like dreamy.