Sunday, 28 April 2013

28th April - Refreshment and Relaxation is Necessary and FSM catch up!

Is it really the end of my week? Sorry I haven't been around much but it has been a busy week in the garden before we go away next weekend and the computer had some teething probs too :(
Here are my FSM photos first
#25- Life is - relaxing in the sun with a cup of tea! (more refreshment and relaxing!!)
#26- Childhood - me aged 6 with My Nanna and Great Auntie Mary
#27- Earth - today was spent planting seeds in our veg garden
#28- My Sunday - reading and planning in the sunshine with a G&T for our holiday to Brittany . (Yes relaxing and refreshment too!)

Since retiring life seems to be one long relaxing time doing all the things I love such as staying in bed longer in the morning, reading, watching a lot of TV, learning new the moment crotcheting and this week sitting in glorious sunshine and occasionally getting up and gardening!!

Carol and I actually sitting at a Beach cafe on Thursday soaking up the sunshine, we were over dressed... I came home and found a pair of crops to wear
We found these statues on the beach. Aren't they great?
I did do a bit of gardening having bought a lot of plants at Aldi's whilst out with Carol. Think the frosts have gone from our area but Peter and I erected our mini greenhouse just in case :)
Peter doesn't usually relax like I do but caught him enjoying a few mins in the middle of gardening
Most days this week have been blue skies and sunshine but Fri evening the skies became black and we had a hailstone shower followed by the sun returning just before sunset!! 

Thank you for taking part in my challenge this week with photos of what you do for refreshment and relaxation . I finally got round to your blogs this evening. Anne take care and I hope Rhea will be OK xx


  1. Lynne, I have been thinking about you a lot this week as I continue to be rubbish at joining in our Lucky Snapping challenge. I am thinking about how to join in better. But, I am enjoying seeing everyone elses. I am thinking about resurrecting my old 365 blog as a lucky snapping blog and see if that helps! I doubt it but it might just!

    Love the photos of you looking so happy and busy too :) xxx

  2. lovely photos lynne, sorry I haven't managed to take part in your challenge, what with not feeling great and being busy I didn't get any relaxation shots :(

  3. Ahhh Lynne, i am the same, I manage to sneak a peek but sometimes end up not actually getting an entry done myself. I love to eat and relax with the family, I think May will be good for that but I will def catch up tonight.. love seeing you enjoy every day.. envious of your Brittany trip, we did enjoy it last year even though it was a working break.. xx

  4. Glad to see you have been enjoying relaxing and catching hubby at it too!! Thanks for encouraging me to take time out. Could you do it each week please?? xxx

  5. I love your photos. The sun looks so nice and relaxing. I am glad to see Peter take a few minutes and enjoy it as well. I am jealous of your veggie garden. I wish we could have one too.