Monday, 1 April 2013

31st March Easter Sunday and FSM#31 -STUFF

Happy Easter, Christ has Risen, He is Alive!!

A very cold day again 0C all day and no sunshine until late afternoon. We had a brilliant lively service at church and then the afternoon alone until 2 families arrived for a quick meal before Peter and a D in Law went to see Steele Eye Span at Tunbridge Wells
Here is my last snap shot of stop and look and of course case you miss it for this week!
Beautiful tulips that Perdita D in law bought me for Easter.

FSM ~31 - STUFF  - food for the family meal all prepped, Lasagne, garlic bread(looks a lot!!), salad and fish and chips (for 2 fussy kids!!) followed by hot choc fudge cake, strawberries and cream


  1. looks lovely, enjoy your meal together

  2. Beautiful flowers and the food looks yummy!

  3. Stunning tulips and the food is making me hungry. (even though I have just eaten!!)