Saturday, 30 March 2013

30th March When I stopped.....and FSM # 28, 29 and 30

This week has been my challenge about what we can miss if we don't look around and take a photo of those moments as life rushes by...
As I was making the bed the other day I looked up at the bear I gave Peter many years ago, this is what hisT shirt says.....
Well it has been a busy week but now quieter over the weekend.
Here are my photos from this week.
Tuesday was DGS 2 and his Mum's birthday, Matt was 15 and much taller than his Mum! Also my FSM #27 photo for PAIR
 We went and saw Zac's yr 3/4 school production on Wed evening
 grabbed the camera one evening as I was cooking to catch the sunset, sadly just missed the best: photo
Babysitting duties on Thursday night, thank goodness for having a camera in my mobile phone or I would have missed this shot!
A Good Friday?
This story is worth a read... I had just cleaned the houseand then disaster struck with man in the kitchen who decided to make marmalade like you do on Good friday before having a meal for 8 !!  Well it didn't set so he asked for help, I went over the recipe on the tin....instead of 3/4pint of water he put 3 to 4 pints of water an hour later (with visit by him to supermarket) 4 more tins, 6 bags of sugar and an overflowing preserving pan plus the largest saucepan we have we are in production for a supermarket!! Note I am now in on the marmalade making!!

Anyway all the jars we have are filled plus many plastic containers til we get more jars and are sitting on shelves in the garage  I then set to to prep my meal and finally sat down for an hour at 6pm...shattered!
Here is what I served (courtesy of Sainsburys) lamb chops on a butterbean pesto base with cabbage, toms and green beans
and my Easter tree to remind me it is Easter weekend regardless of this bitterly cold and dark day
FSM catch up

#29 - GOODNIGHT - last night as I went to bed at 1.05am!!

 #30  RELAX- teaching myself to crochet using my kindle crochet download and having a cup of tea too!!
Babysitting duties again tonight so will take my laptop and catch up on blogs then


  1. OK the marmalade story is even funnier with pictures attached to it! You could put a sign up outside and sell some I reckon!

  2. You made me laugh with your marmalade story. I think the family and friends are going to have plenty of marmalade this year.
    I love the picture of the 2 grandchildren. What are they up to.

  3. agree Julia, the story of the marmalade is so much better with photos :)
    Well done with the crochet, I cant get the hang of it.

  4. Marmalade malarkey Pity or retreat isn't next w/e you could bring some and give each of us one to take home lol

  5. Happy Easter!
    Excellent post - great photos, as always!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    I'm late because I have no photo for PAIR!
    I feel hungry at this hour of the night - I would gladly eat marmalade!..

  6. LOL at the marmalade story !!! Happy Easter ! xxx

  7. Sorry I am behind reading posts. Your marmalade story is hilarious! Men and directions, what's with that? They all seem to have problems. It was nice of you to bail Peter out LOL! You certainly have been busy. Love the photos.

  8. I am so far behind with your posts- sorry. You had a very busy week, I seem to have missed out on the marmalade story :(. xx