Tuesday, 12 March 2013

12th March Snowed in! #12 - In the Distance

We woke to quite a lot of snow . There were no buses today and very little movement on the roads until lunchtime when a gritter followed by a snow plough did the main road. There is a wall of snow against our garage door which has to be dug out before we get the car out!  Hopefully I can catch a bus tomorrow to get to a supermarket for supplies of veg
back garden first thing this morning
 From our kitchen window
 Top of the road to the town not gritted at all!!

 Daffodils struggling under the weight of the snow!!
 Peter off to the garage at the bottom of the garden, the sun has come out
.  FSM#12 In the distance,-  standing in the middle of the road outside our house after the gritter and snow plough has been!! and blue skies have arrived

A little more about Laughing

What makes me laugh?... some things on TV....
  • well Miranda has definitely has made me laugh on the On Show last night and tonight as she raises money for Comic Relief. even though I didn't like her series Miranda
  • Little Britain I love and find so funny
  • Graham Norton in Room 101
  • The Office- Ricky Gervais, yet don't like him in anything else
  • The Royale Family
  • Being Eileen
Comedians leaves me cold, so does Panto and slapstick except when DGS had an apps on his phone to change faces...here is Peter and myself!! I can see you all laughing!!!


  1. Gosh you really got a lot of snow !
    I remember these pictures of you and Peter. They are just priceless, especially yours ! Little Britain is my nightmare, don't know why. Oh and to answer your question: June 3rd. xxx

  2. I like being eileen too. You have had plenty of snow, we woke this morning to quite a bit which was a surprise.

  3. Crikey, it was bad your way! I am sitting here with the fan heater on which I haven't used all winter.

    Love those photos, hilarious. xxx

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  5. You did have a lot of snow. Ours went very quickly, the little we had.
    Your anonymous sounds really strange

  6. That is a lot of snow! The poor Daffodils! Love the funny pictures of you and Peter. I am having a difficult time believe it or not coming up with pictures, etc. for our laugh word. I am not big into the shows here on our TV. I am researching though and hope to have something soon to post.

    1. Please note my anonymous.. let's just ignore it LOL!!

  7. Love the photos of you and Peter. please keep the snow where you are , i really dont want any here

  8. LOL oh Lynne love those pictures, brilliant. That snow looks lovely. xx