Friday, 8 March 2013

8th March- rain rain again! FSM # 7 and 8

Yesterday seemed to herald the end of sunshine and spring!! I went out last night in a real 'pea souper' I don't think I have ever driven in such thick fog before it was scarey!! I went to the village we used to live in and saw in their hall the film Argo, it was really exciting and I was pleased I went, sadly Peter had a choir practice so will wait to see it on DVD!

I forgot last week to show you last week's WC from UKS. It was using 2 different scraps of papers, colour yellow or circles and show food or a celebration. Here is mine from a sketch which I decided I didn't like once I had LO made!!
FSM photos #7 Fear.... my photo shows the steps I fell headlong down 2 yrs ago giving me a fear of all steps and stairs!!
FSM photo #8 Favourite....Show a photo of your favourite food, person, place, thing, book..... I chose my fav person Peter and holidays we share tog. This photo was taken as we cruised from Venice to the Greek islands


  1. just saw the weather, we are forecast snow tomorrow, snow!! Lovely photo of you and Peter. Well done with the WC, its a lovely layout.

    1. Yes snow!!!

      LO was very simple but enjoyed using my Bigshot and cuttlebug circles on scraps,just wasn't pleased with end results last week:(

  2. I like your layout Lynne and the photo of you and Peter is lovely.
    Those stairs look really dangerous.

  3. Happy Birthday to Peter for yesterday. Hpe you had a good mother's day as well. Gorgeous photo of you and Peter. xx

  4. YES - Gorgeous photo of you and Peter!
    I like your layout too.