Wednesday, 13 March 2013

13th March -More laughing! #13 SOUND

This weekend I am away from Friday - Monday with my scrapping pals . We were the 365ers in 2008 and now in a social group called The Crumblies on the forum UKS. I am all packed and teaching a complicated mini book so all prepped and scrapping wise ready but what to wear is the tomorrow night problem!  We meet twice a year and this will be the third year at this wonderful property for 10 of us. Last March 2012 we were in T shirts and crops and sitting outside in glorious warm sunshine!! Now I am collecting warm cordsw and thick jumpers!!  We have no internet  so will be back on Monday night!

I decided to finish Laughing tonight

Remembered another programme that makes me laugh ...Gavin and now you know my humour if you live in the UK or get the prog in USA. Guess Borqna doesn't get so many UK programmes?

Tonight on the One show she had the challenge to sing in a group... I took these photos, only funny if you saw the programme!

To finish laughing this week, here is a collage of my DS Mark's 40th birthday, sometimes we do laugh a lot together! or rather I do!!

FSM #13 - SOUND music I am not keen on!!
Well the snow has nearly melted away with the warm March Sun today but tonight we had a wonderful sunset and suddenly a freak hail/snow storm. The photo unfortunately doesn't show the hail and snow!


  1. Some beautiful photos of you and Mark Lynne. xxx

  2. I love the photos of you and Mark. You both look so happy. Just looking at them put a big smile on my face as well. Enjoy your scrapping weekend. Your picture of the sunset and snow is gorgeous! xxx

  3. enjoy your weekend retreat....lovely photos

  4. Have a wonderfual weekend and love those photos. xx

  5. Love the photos Lynne. I've also been watching Miranda on the one show.
    I tried to reply to you on my blog but it wouldn't work for some reason. I don't want to take over from you Lynne on week 4as you are doing such a great job. I wouldn't mind doing the odd one but I was thinking of the 5th week.

  6. Hope that you had a great weekend away. I meant to check up on last nights one show as Miranda organised a weeding. Must check i player.

  7. Would that place you meet be good for the - us - to meet?
    Bet you are having a great time.