Sunday, 10 March 2013

10th March -Special day! # 9and 10

Well today I had to share my day (mothering Sunday with Peter's day, it was his birthday!!

We saw most of the family yesterday so today we went to church then a lovely afternoon home alone:)

Last night we went to friends for his birthday meal and his daughter gave him a cake shaped like a fish!
FSM #9


  1. Happy Birthday Peter, love the cake!

  2. Happy Birthday Peter!
    I wish you much joy, health and love.
    Great cake - looks stunning!
    / You both - also!/
    Congratulations double celebration!

  3. Happy Mother's day and Happy Birthday to you both! I am back in blogland! Just had lots on and whilst I could peek I just didn't get round to comenting of late.. all caught up now.. I didn't see Anne when up to see zac as she had a lot on her plate, so maybe next time.. hope you are all good xx