Monday, 4 March 2013

4th March - View for March -FSM # 1,2,3 and 4

Well where did the last 2 days go LOL!! Well it was the weekend and I spent yesterday at our monthly day crop and then home to a night of TV, I just love Sunday night TV starting with Dancing on Icefollowed by The Midwives for 30mins (rest recorded) and then Mr Selfridge:)

The SE England has had some very grey and cold days for the last couple of weeks. Yesterday although the sun arrived we were indoors but today it was lovely to wake to a perfect blue sky am.  I  took these photos at midday of the sky and glorious sun, it did feel like spring out of the wind.

The view this evening at 5.20. The sun has definitely moved round and setting in a different position
 and sunset through a slight mist, another nice day tomorrow before the forecasted rain!!
Not a lot has changed in the garden. We haven't been in it yet and apart from it being lighter at teatime the only new person in this photo is our visitor Willow who must be glad to see warmer, light weather and our patio door open so she can sneak in and share our cats food LOL!! Our two cats just sit and allow her in!!

Now to show you FSM photos #1- L  is for Lynne a candle pot I have!
 #2 - I made this - a LO made for WC week 3 challenge My ric rac lines were straight, it was the angle of taking the LO!!  This is the Crumblies group I am going away with again in 10 days time :)

#3 - Key Holding a temple key at Abu Simbal 4Egypt
#3 - Lucky , the phone I thought I had lost was found in DIL's car this am!


  1. The days are certainly getting longer now, Lynne.

  2. lovely photos and well done for finding your phone again, very lucky...Evie has been reading the rainbow fairy books and one is titled, evie the mist fairy :) evie the mist fairy has made a visit to us today....makes it so much more appealing, lol

  3. Great photos! Your garden is so neat and tidy! I can't wait to see the pictures when everything is blooming and green again. Glad you found your phone.It can be so annoying to have to start all over again with a new one.

  4. Lovely to see such nice weather photos creeping into the challenge now Lynne and well done for getting the phone back as usually that is found after you have given up and got another one :)


  5. You took lots of wonderful pictures. The patterns the sun rays make in your garden are so beautiful. (and we also have a visiting cat long after our two died) You look so lovely holding the key in Egypt. I am glad you found the phone - such bad luck if one loses something so important these days.

  6. I think your garden looks so much brighter, it will soon be spring.