Monday, 11 March 2013

11th March- SILVER LININGS and # 11

This week is Anne's challenge SILVER LININGS and the 3rd letter is L for March....LAUGH

She says " laugh is excellent in many ways.It makes you feel close to other people. It relaxes you.It creates unforgettable memories.It helps building deep wrinkles around your mouth(not sure if I like that idea!!!!)but it is living proof you laugh a lot. It makes you feel alive and happy1
Laughing is what a baby does most of the time. It's only when we become adults, that we seem to laugh less, although that's not true for everyone," I think Anne is right, sadly I seem to laugh less these days!

So to start to answer Anne's questions,
How often do you laugh?
What makes you laugh? Confess all the little things you laugh about
Share your videos or photos

Thankfully I don't have deep wrinkles round my mouth......yet!!I don't often laugh out loud and as Peter says, I laugh inwardly!

It is a very snowy today and the snow is swirling round in the strong wind. Peter had a phone !call at 7.30am from his boss telling him not to try and get today so he is home too. Buses have stopped and all the schools have now closed  so today was an ideal day to stay snug indoors and I looked for laughing photos in my archives.

Retreat photos over the years with other scrappers have produced photos of me laughing and messing around. I definitely need people around me

More tomorrow and I will finish today with my last March views...more snow!!
 11am  from our bedroom window, the road has so little traffic that it is covered in snow again
 Our back garden at 12 noon.. More snow has fallen and still falling as I write this!!
FSM#12 Important- used laugh as my theme today and Peter laughing
It takes a lot to make Peter laugh like this but when he is comfortable with close friends and family he can really laugh too.


  1. Love your snowy photos, and the photos of you laughing have me grinning. As for Peter and Eyore - brilliant. x

  2. Thank you for your comments Lynne. Yes, I know. xx
    These are beautiful pictures. Can I confess you were 1st on my list " imagine who could be giggling all day", LOL ? It's so nice to see all these happy pictures, it makes my day. Love Peter too. You had quite a lot of snow. Ours is almost all gone now. xxxx

  3. ah those photos bring back happy memories! Wow you have quite a lot of snow, it's swirling around here but nothing settling.

  4. I love the pictures of the snow. We are warmer today, a high expected of 79 degrees F. I absolutely love the picture of Peter with Eeyore. Such a big laugh. I bet it was contagious and everyone else was laughing as well. xxx

  5. cant believe the snow you have, we normally have it worse in the north but only a little covering. Love the photos of you laughing.

  6. Oh yes they make me want to laugh out loud just looking at all those great laughing photos.

    Not the snow ones though. It is awful isn't it? xxx

  7. I love the photos of you laughing and the pictures of the snow!
    Peter - the best!
    Thank you for your comments, Lynne!

  8. I love your "laughing" photos.

  9. I also love your laughing photos, you can't but smile looking at them