Friday, 1 March 2013

1st March- catch up on #26 and 27

Another grey day and rain too,I am fed up with this weather and although the garden is slowly showing signs of spring I cannot believe we are in March already!!  Happy St David's day!
My catch up on FSM photos
#26 Quiet - my photo showing quiet are some earphones my sons used touse when playing their music or a TV prog no one else wanted to hear!!
#27 Play - me scrapping at a retreat in the evening with red wine to share around!!
 Playing games on Christmas day 2012
#1 March - L so easy for me, my name!
Whilst on FB this morning someone called Pipsa Virta for L had taken this great close up photo of Little so sharing it with you!! Not sure if I would think this is beautiful!!
Hope Jenni enjoys her scrapping retreat this weekend, I know she has been very busy working and getting ready to go away.  Kathi should now be in Southampton with Col and hopefully meeting up with Anne and seeing Ross over the weekend too.
Over the weekend I will continue to look for somethings small before my week is up and journal too about the little things that please me.
Another blogging challenge to finish the week ...............WHAT LITLE THINGS PLEASE YOU?


  1. It is an amazing shot! I am far more pleased by flowers or by small "insignificant" gestures by other people (an unexpected smile, a short chat, a coffee with a friend...)

  2. Lynne great close up even if we don't like them

  3. i like the pot with your name on...we have actually seen some sun and yes spring is appearing. Will try and do another blog post before your week is up.

  4. Great pictures! I really like your cup - is wonderful!
    The bug is magnificent discovery for your topic. I will also look for small things in nature.
    I hope to the concert to Peter was also very nice. Do you have pictures?
    /Lynn, Thank you for your comments and concerns to us!/

  5. Great pictures though I am beginning to think you have a thing for bugs! LOL Your cup or pot (can't tell which) is very pretty.

  6. Hello Lynne, thanks so much for the pointers for our absence. I had an awful week with a cold, trying to pack to come away, I was certainly too poorly for the long drive but I was bringing someone so I had to get on with it. Anyway we are here now minus all the important things I forgot to bring lol and having a lovely time. I have put up the challenge, I have made the layouts and my sketch artist is here with me so I am sure we will be all ready to go tomorrow with the layouts and the linky!

    I love your pot and the close-up of the bug, he looks quite cute :D

  7. the bug shot is amazing