Saturday, 23 March 2013

23rd March -scrapping today! - FSM #23 what do I do for fun?

FSM #23-My fun is definitely scrapping, alone,at retreats with others and at crop groups, I love it!
Today was very cold and damp but fortunately  the snow hasn't come back to the south coast!
I spent the day scrapping and managed to do the weekly challenge on UKS for week 3.
We had to use multiple photos with one at least 6x4. 10points
Scrap a building, place or object. 10points
Make a title not using stickers  10points

Here is mine for 30 points. Another LO for last year's holiday to the Azores.
Last facts about myself tomorrow and hopefully march View LO and page for Silver linings - LAUGH.. I am in a scrapping mood

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