Friday, 22 March 2013

22nd March - more facts and #22 about me

What miserable weather for the end of March.So cold and windy here. Can you believe that next weekend is the start of summertime! Thank goodness we haven't got the snow again that a lot of the UK is having again
More nostalgia and facts today. now I have got started I can find plenty of facts you don't know about but no special person has influenced me except perhaps my father...need to think about that!

  • The Yorkshire lasses ( the female side of the family) were all on the plump side( how much better than saying fat!!) We all have big busts (well endowed) with thin ankles!
L to R my Auntie, Grandad, Nana and my Mother
Me and my Nana
L to R Mum, Dad, Me, ?  and Auntie 
Can you see their busts and ankles?
FSM #22 - about you - hate ironing (fits in as another fact) I hide the clothes that need ironing until in desperation I have to iron!  Winter time is good as hardly anything needs ironing but in the summer everything we wear needs an iron!!
Will finish this week over the weekend with the last facts including my oldest piece of clothing!


  1. lol I also hate ironing - in fact I hate housework so tedious and boring. lol. x

  2. Lovely photos and I too hate

  3. lovely photos from the past, i dont like ironing either- and i have a big pile mounting up...least there wont be much with the hols- no school clothes, yay.

  4. Great photos Lynne, ironing has been banned in this house, LOL !

  5. I love your pictures. I see what you mean about the busts and ankles. LOL! I hate ironing so I don't iron. We buy very little that needs ironing and if it does, I send them to the dry cleaners who clean and press the item.