Sunday, 24 March 2013

24th March End of Nostalgia week - 5 Facts and # 24

 No snoaw here but bitterly cold outside so after church this morning I am staying warm and cosy for the rest of the day!
#24 UP...wish the temp would go up!!

So to finsh off with the last 2 facts  Sadly I cannot think of a special person who has influenced me in the last 67yrs!!
  • I wanted to be a hairdresser at 17 but my parents especially my Mother wanted me to have a career with training not an apprenticeship!! They thought that if I trained as a teacher and got married and had children it was very suitable job for a woman as I would have the school holidays!! How true that was but I still would have liked to have been a hairdresser by choice but in those days I would have never argued or disagreed with my parents!
  • The oldest item I have in my wardrobe is my wedding dress I wore when I married Peter 28yrs ago this year. When I lost weight in 2009 I took a photo of myself getting into it. I can never see myself wearing it again but it felt good to know it fitted me...well JUST!! The true colour is a shade between the two colours in the collage!


  1. Ah Ah Ah, i wanted to be a journalist or scientist or Psychoanalyst but my parents also pushed me to be a teacher, very suitable job for a woman as I would have the school holidays to spend with my kids. Never had kids and changed being a teacher almost immediately anyway ! xxx

  2. cant see you as a hairdresser lynne, but i can imagine what a great teacher you were.

  3. Somehow I think your mum's plan worked well for you but it's a shame when you have a hankering for something else. Thanks for all your memories again this week xx

  4. Yeah, I bet you were a popular teacher and it would have had as much longevity and more stability I'm sure. Still, it would have been nice to do what you wanted. I have a girl that works for me (I am a personnel manager for tesco and she is a student working a couple of evenings and she offered to do the advertising for our easter fun at work activities. I was glad to let her and it was fab. I asked her what she was studying at college and she said photography/photoshop and design. Now where was my careers teacher!!!! I told her under no uncertain terms to get right on with that and not be sidetracked by youthful things so much that she doesn't forget to pursue that as a living! Is it too late to change careers do you think? Lol, of course it is if I need the money!!!
    Great posts this week and having had a sneak of your great challenge I am looking forward to next week. Brilliant, brilliant idea! xxxxxxxxx

  5. Great post, I had forgotten about my wedding dress in the loft - 23yrs yesterday!! it was worn. xx

  6. I am sure you were a great teacher but would have also been a great hairdresser as well. Love the two picture of you in your wedding dress. I got rid of mine a long time ago as I would never have fit into it again. :(