Sunday, 17 March 2013

17th March Scrapping Weekend #1516 and 17

Happy St Patrick's day from rainy Wiltshire. I have managed to use a mobile router so here I am whilst I am away!

Can you believe that it is the end of Anne's week today!! I had plenty of laughs this weekend,starting on Friday which was comic relief day.We all sat and watched on the red button the Comic relief wedding which Miranda arranged and then on and off the TV during the evening, I found a Baby every Second so funny but left when comedians came on, so thanks Anne for making me aware of what I laugh at!!

I have managed to keep up with FSM
#15 Explore - my Tomtom route as I left on Friday
#15 - 9 o'clock -my breakfast next to my phone
#16 - Green - all my drink containers had green, sparkling water, red wine and coffee

This is where we are on our scrapping retreat with the UKS team The Crumblies
And to finish a group photo of us all laughing!!


  1. Wow that looks a fantastic place to spend the weekend scrapping. Glad you have had fun. xx

  2. Beautiful picture, Lynne, perfect for this week. Glad you had such a good time ! xxx

  3. looks a lovely place and you all have had a great time by the sounds of it.

  4. It looks like you had a really good weekend with lots of fun. I love the group picture.

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