Thursday, 21 March 2013

21st March - Nostalgia week and FSM # 18,19,20 and 21

I am finally catching up after my weekend away. My minibook class went well. Here are photos of the minibooks produced, not quite finished
and my thank you pressie from the girls
6 of them did a mini canvas swap here are their canvases

I am still managing my FSM photo a day
#18 Shoes - my shoe collection
#19  -a Sign -my town sign as you enter our town
#20 - Clean -my cooker hob which has been altered in Picasa!
#21 - Working - the working farm I visited today

Now to this week's challenge set by Kathi  - Nostalgia - Information or facts about ourselves,so here are some facts

  • Born in Dewsbury, Yorkshire at the end of the war in September 1945..My father was in the RAF and stationed in Scotland and during the war my mother had gone back to her home town Morley and  was living with her parents and working as a secretary. After my birth and my father was demobbed they brought me back to Hastings where they had been living and my father had been teaching and he returned to his school again. Every holiday we went back to Yorkshire and as I grew up my grandparents and their friends were fascinated with my lack of any accent and used to say I talked like the Queen LOL!!
  • I failed my 11+ but thanks to my father being a teacher he managed to get me into the local grammar school...I don't know how but he did!  There I struggled, found maths difficult so didn't take 0 level but just RSA which was only arithmetic. Today I would not be able to go on to Teacher's training college but I did managed to go in 1963 aged 17 and two weeks later had my 18th birthday!
Tomorrow I will finish telling you some more facts!


  1. Looks like you all had a lovely and very productive weekend. Love those shoes :).
    Like you I have no yorkshire accent and I love listening to all my cousins talking as they are very broad as they still live up there. xx

  2. great facts about you lynne...interesting about the teaching too. I didnt think I had an accent until I met you all and you all begged to differ, lol

    1. yes Helen, a real Yorkshire lass!!! Love the accent xx

  3. Very interesting Lynne and I love your shoes, they have real style :) xxx

  4. Your mini books look really intriguing, looks like lots of little pockets for tags and things.

  5. These mini books are so beautiful, Lynne. You need to write a tutorial. I remember admiring the same style you made last year. Come on, show us.
    great facts about you ! xxx

  6. I love your mini books. Thanks too for sharing your story.