Friday, 5 April 2013

5th April - Sleet and cold and another view and #3 and 4

Can it possibly be April? Today I woke to sleet falling and 1C. I am so fed up of this weather!! In a month's time we will be in Brittany having a summer holiday!!!

Any way another view taken from my kitchen window as the sun was low and setting at  6.45
Now some sunsets
2 days ago at 6.04
Yesterday at 7oclock after a dull cold day the skies seem to clear for a frosty night! Already the sun is setting later these 2 photos were 10 mins apart
FSM photos#3 - Something beginning with A This was difficult as some one had done apple and astromeria(sp) etc so here is An Afternoon Activity!! as you can see the wristwarmers are coming along, finished one hand apart from sewing up!
FSM#4- This happenened today. making some dinner for myself last night whilst Peter was at choir
I haven't done today's photo yet and want to go and tackle the ironing next. looking forward to a meal out with friends tonight, it is a month since we last saw them, where do the weeks go!!


  1. lovely photos and well done with the knitting, how are you doing with the crochet??

  2. Where do you find time to scrap, knit, crochet, iron and go out to dinner? LOL You must be more organized than me. I am afraid if I sat down to crochet, nothing else would get done that day except fixing dinner. Love the sunset photos.

    1. Not a great cleaning peep these days, once a week and then ignore the dust, toilets and bathroom as I shower am!! :)

  3. You are really busy at the moment Lynne. But what else can you do in this cold weather and housework is not the answer is it

  4. I love those sunset photos with the time lapse aspect, clever and effective.
    Enjoy your busy time and then you can relax on hols :) xxx

  5. Sunset photos are lovely, like the look of your wrist warmers. I did some for xmas pressies they went down well. xx

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