Wednesday, 24 April 2013

24th April - Where has time gone and is it really my week? catch up on FSM!!

Exactly where does time go?

This week is my quotation week and this month the quote is
"Make rest and refreshment necessary, not a luxury"

I think this is my mantra in life these days!! I do not work having been fortunate to be born at the right time to choose what I wanted to do, to save and reap the benefits at the right time and then to retire when I wanted to too!...sorry guys but that is a fact of life with peeps over 65!!

So this is def my life style. Rest is really necessary . Is it?.........
I love waking up to an empty diary with nothing to definitely do. How lazy is that? I was always going to do 'Good deeds' when I stopped work but this didn't happen. Each day after finishing work I just loved the feeling of nothing planned and I could do what I wanted each day. No clock watching, no bells, no deadlines... maybe I will one day start planning a more structured day but def not yet!!

Yes I have done the gym stuff, got hooked and addicted and then stopped!! Was it rest NO!! Interestingly what do we all mean by rest?... Rest to me is still a luxury at the moment!!

Well what about refreshment?

Sadly it wasn't always important to me. For many years I ate all the wrong foods and grew and grew cos I ate the wrong foods and rested too much and of course hated exercise!!!

I know today I am talking about rest and refreshment in a physical sense.

Maybe tomorrow I will talk about it in a Christian Spiritual sense!!  God being the bread of life and all that!

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#I saw this person today... DH off fishing this pm!!


  1. Good interpretation of the quote - I am struggling with refreshment but thinking on it. Hope you had fish for tea?? x

  2. I love your set of photos to illustrate this and although you may feel as though you are 'retired' you always seem to be on the go seeing to your family and friends and so that is your job now and that is more worthwhile isn't it. I think it will be a terrible thing that everyone has to go on working and it will definitely be a bad thing.
    I am trying to take your advice Lynne, it is timely for me and I hate that I am struggling to keep up with the things and people that matter to me. I have some decisions to make and make happen oer the next few weeks and my lack of joining in with Lucky Snapping is a big one! It is bugging me big time...but I am stupidly manic at the moment with stuff I didn't envisage happening so apologies for not joining in so much. xxx

  3. Wonderful post, dear Lynne! Great set of photos - YES!
    I read, watch this, and I admire you!
    You're a strong woman. You're a role model.
    I could not wait for your week - you'll soon understand why.
    We are happy that you are our guide for the weekly challenge.
    Good luck!

  4. I think your photos are great, especially the one of Xanthe pretending and of Peter going fishing.

  5. Beautiful photos Lynne. My dad did like you, he was part of people who could retire at 55. In a couple of months he will retired for 35 years. Not many people can say that ! xxx

  6. Lynn, what a wonderful post. "I love waking up to an empty diary with nothing to definitely do. "- that's exactly what I love too. There are plenty of people around me who retired soon after 50 and I envy them a little bit because I would retire quite soon in that system but that's life, I hope to be alive and well for a long time to enjoy some peaceful years when I retire at 65.

  7. lovely pictures, well done on booking your Christmas away

  8. I love your thoughts and can identify with them more now that I am retired as well. I haven't figured out what I need to do yet with my time and all but I am sure enjoying not working while I am doing it. LOL!! I love your pictures. You always have such good shots of people and things.