Friday, 13 September 2013

14th September - Nickname and letter L,V, E and R challenge

Peter's name among friends, footballers and workmates is of course MITCH!! Some people call him Pete but to me he is Peter!
I am babysitting tonight Xanthe and Zac. Peter is at choir and joining me for our dinner at 9pm, I am already hungry!! Kids have been fed and watered and Xanthe is on my kindle for the first time looking at peepa pig and ceebies apps!! Will have to wean her off in a moment and bath and bed.  Zac has eaten and now in his room hooked on his laptop which closes via parental control at 8pm, should be interesting when he emerges from his room!!

So lets continue to do some of the photos for letters from SILVER LININGS
L for ladies Tresses Orchid (Spiranthes Spiralis)  in my friend's lawn yearly at this time of the year. So called   because the stem looks like braided or plaited hair.
V for Venice in 2010
E for ENJOY scrapping (last Sun crop)
R  for rosehips
Must think of the next 2 letter tomorrow and tell you my oldest son's nickname before we go on holiday, excited about meeting Viv and Roland on Sunday :)


  1. Great photos Lynne. Well done ! xxx

  2. Great photos. I have never seen Rose Hips growing. Love Peter's nickname of Mitch. Where are you going for your holiday??

  3. Lovely photos and looks like a nice place for a crop. haven't scrapbooked for ages but now have the place and the space to do it, must get back to it.

  4. Wonderful post, dear Lynne!
    Thank you for your support on my blog.
    You have many tasks, but you have time to give a little warmth in this challenge. Thank you.

  5. Lovely round-up of photos Lynne, I wish I could crop with you. x