Monday, 9 September 2013

9th September - Let's Reflect Week - Nicknames

This week is Anne's week for September week 2 SILVER LININGS.This week in N for nicknames.
First she challenges us to tell us about our family nicknames.
Next this week we have to take photos of people or things with the 7 letters we have already done this year, so today is S.

First I will tell you about my nickname for Lynne. I like the name Lynne and also the the way it is spelt with the e at the end..but it does get frequently spelt wrong.
Lynn is old English meaning lake/pond. There are other various meanings for the name. I did a CJ (circle journal) on names a few years ago and these were my 2 pages in the book

The year I was born (1945) 1525 girls were names Lynne. I was officially named Daphne Lynne because these 2 names sounded better together this way round. My parents never intended to call me Daphne and always used the name Lynne from birth! But Daphne is my official name and I hate the name!

People often end up calling me Linda which I dislike as well as having my name spelt Lyn, Lin and Lynda. The idea of a short name was that no one could shorten a short name BUT my father called me Linoleum, that was my nickname!
I will finish with this quote "Names alter, things never alter" ~ William Blake

For my letter S I have 2 photos,
Shirley who I had coffee with this morning. She allowed me to photograph her!
Slimming World poster outside the hall I went to for weigh in tonight. I lost 1lb


  1. Linoleum, that's a really funny nickname. I will tell about my own nicknames tomorrow, lol, xxx

  2. What a cute nickname! Great photos as well.

  3. You nickname is so unusual. I know what you mean about people altering names. I get it a lot.
    We're really looking forward to Monday. It will be lovely to see you both.

  4. Great nickname Lynne :D Good quote too.

    Congrats on the weight loss. xxx