Monday, 16 September 2013

16th September holiday

Well here we are in Patterdale again. Sadly we don't think the weather will be so kind to us as last year:(

We arrived in Preston yesterday and met Viv and Roland for a meal in the pub next to our Premier Inn

It was lovely to meet them again, but gosh how cold it was and wet too, us southerners are not used to this weather, though we had read the weather forecast and we are expecting this horrible weather this week!!

Today we thought we would go to Kendal. After a wonderful breakfast at Premier Inn we arrived in kendal to find the British Cycle race was travelling today through Cumbria. We would have loved to stay and watch it but all roads in and out of the town would be closed from 1 - 5pm, so we left and through driving rain arrived at our hotel. here are some photos of our drive through the stuggle pass to the Kirkstone pass through the car window!

Still beautiful though moody. Hopefully we will do a walk tomorrow but def not in driving rain!!!


  1. Those views are beautiful. The Lake District is lovely isn't it. It was great to see you yesterday and we will definitely get back down south next year.
    I do hope the weather improves for you.

  2. Glad to hear your meet up went well. Shame about the weather. We are hoping to see the cycle race over Dartmoor on Friday. xx

  3. Poor Lynne, you might have picked the wrong week as we did, but I hope you still will have fun during your holidays, xxx

  4. Looks gorgeous though even in the rain. I think the rain went past my friends road. Have a lovely time

  5. Wonderful pictures! Glad you're with Viv and Ronald!
    Sep. 17-th - Happy Birthday Lynne!
    Heartily wish you much joy and health.
    Good luck!

  6. I have only been to the lakes once but would love to go again. Happy Birthday to you! xx

  7. It's wonderful that you got to meet up with Viv and Roland. The pictures are beautiful even though it is so rainy. Have a wonderful birthday!

  8. I would love to get up there Lynne, it is stunning from all I have seen of it on telly and your photos are lovely. Have a great week. x