Saturday, 14 September 2013

14th September - Nicknames and letter N

Nearly packed and most of summer clothes ironing done, a bit more pm and then vaccing through and washing kitchen floor, like to leave house spick and span! Joy asked where we are going...'up north' to Cumbria seeing viv and Roland tomorrow night.  The weather forecast is pretty bad, rain, gales maybe and decidedly cooler than here!!

OK back to nicknames.  The boys father used to call my eldest son Mark - Markie Sharkie!!! I have no idea why!

and N for New Forest and New Milton where my step daughter and kids went. They came back last night and came this am to show us these photos.  Here are a few photos of them fishing there! Amie was only there to pose with fish!


  1. Isn't the New Forest lovely ? I wish you loads of fun for your holidays. I hope the storm will leave you in peace. xxx

  2. Have a safe and lovely trip Lynne and hope the weather is kind to you.

  3. I like the fishing photos! Have a great time on your trip. Tell Viv hello from me even though I have never met her. I will have to look up Cumbria as I have no idea where it is. Keep safe. xxxx

  4. Fishing is a family trait - I remember Peter with huge fish.
    Great photos again. I also looked for Cumbria in Google - I would be glad if you give me more information about this place.

  5. Love the New Forest, had a great picnic there once for my friend's 21st birthday.