Sunday, 1 September 2013

1st September - Last day of my week's challenge and a new challenge starts!

Today is the first day of September and it is beginning to feel Autumnal too :(
Today is the last day of my week's challenge - portraits in B&W............and
Today is the start of my yearly challenge for September Learn Something New Each Day, you can find it here I have today's prompt so very excited as it is several years since I did the last Sept challenge and I think this may get my mojo ready for the next few months, we shall see!!

So back to my B&W this photo was done by a friend of Zac's Mum I cannot take credit for it!
and here is my avator in B&W, I prefer the colour one

To finish my catch up with Nostalgia  about my jobs

I started doing holiday jobs when I started at Teacher training college at 18. These were all the jobs I did during the 3 years
Christmas postman ...each Christmas the PO took on extra staff mainly students to deliver the post!
Laundry room in a hotel ... this was ironing and starching all the bedlinen that had been washed!!
Waitressing at the local theatre cafe each summer.
Fruit picking raspberries and strawberries . This was before PYO started
I was at college training to be a Home Economics teacher for 1963 - 66
 Here we are taking turns to demonstrate to a pretend class how to make jam!
This is the only photo I have of my year 5 (now yr11) class with their Christmas cakes in 1968
I had a very varied career in Education from age 21 - 60
Home Economics teacher ffrom 1966 - 1986 During this time I stopped work for 9 yrs to have my 2 sons but returned as a single Mum when my first husband Andrew left me.
Primary School teacher of all subjects from 1988 - 1995
SENCO from 1995 - 2000 I retired on a half pension at 55yrs
Worked for LEA in Special needs as an advisor form 200 - 2005 when I was 60 and got my state pension

I never wanted to be a teacher!! I wanted to be a hairdresser but my parents would not allow me to leave school and do this and was told by them "that to be a teacher for a women would be good if I ever had children because of the school holidays"  I suppose they were quite right and I did enjoy parts of my teaching career but to be totally honest was really glad to finish and now very grateful for a teachers pension as well as a state pension!!
Thank you Kathi for your challenge a week ago and sorry I had to do it with mine this week!!


  1. Thank you Lynne for such honest interesting stuff, I have a new pc being installed so maybe I will get to do a jib history too, funny really as your children only know you as Mum and it is good to let them inot the secrets of your 'jobs I have done'!

  2. Sounds like a very worthwhile selection of jobs. xx

  3. Wow Lynne, I just can't believe how similar our lives have been. I think we must be soul sisters.

  4. lovely photo of zac and lovely to hear about your working life

  5. Wonderful photo of Zac. And yes, I like the color photo of you better as well. You have had a very interesting career path. I wish now I had become a teacher but that is water under the bridge now.