Monday, 30 September 2013

30th September - View Challenge week and finishing off things!

I cannot believe that it is the last day of the month!
This week it was good to get Jennie back and to do her challenge view photos for September. I have promised myself to get my littleview  LO's up todate in Lucky Snapping album this week/month!!

So here is the back garden in sunshine wintered by peter and reluctantly me last week. Now I am pleased it is done!!
The poor willow tree get's a hair cut (short top and sides)every year and when all the leaves have gone then it gets a no 1 haircut!!

Some evening sky views from last week

and a photo from my birthday meal last Sat to finish of friends from last week
Only 8 of us instead of 10/12 this time!


  1. "Friends for Dinner" - how nice celebration -
    a wonderful occasion - your birthday!
    Splendid view of the garden and many beautiful sunsets!
    / You little tormented me last week with a quote! /

    1. I want to clarify quote marks -
      "Friends for Dinner" - there is such a Bulgarian film.
      Point - six minutes(!)
      you can see the block where it is the apartment of my parents...

      Thanks Lynne - for the memory!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely meal. It doesn't seem a year since your willow last had it's hair cut. sigh.

  3. Such nice pictures and happy Birthday again. You can add your view on Lucky Snapping, I added the link. xxx

  4. Lovely pictures Lynne. Your garden looks really nice. So neat. The sunsets are beautiful.

  5. I agree with Viv, it seems like no time since the willow was getting it's haircut last year *sigh*.
    So lovely to go through the season changes with you. Thanks for showing and I am glad you enjoyed having me back, even though I was rubbish. I hope to get back to recording my life properly for my family. I have had such a hard time I don't want to revisit it now, but I know it will have value for us all at some point. (((hugs))) for being so kind and understanding. xxxx