Monday, 9 April 2012

Day 100 - GENTLE

Wow day 100 has arrived!! Easter Mon Bank Holiday and cold wet and windy here in SE England though I think it is the same everywhere which is a shame for those having a weekend or day break.
DH and I walked into town today. I have decided I need to walk daily to get ready for our holiday in the lakes. I am not a walker so I am not very fit after the winter months at home LOL!! This pm I have been to hospital to visit someone and returned to find Peter had taken over my craft room and is tyeing flies!!

This then brought me to the word for a photo today. I had looked it up earlier to find GENTLE can be a noun and a verb. There were a lot of meanings and I learnt something new!

Meanings: 1) honourable, belonging to or fit for a class of gentlemen, well born.

2) generous, noble, courteous.

3) tame, quiet, angling or other activity of patience, easily managed moderate, kind, mild, tender.

4) Maggot, larva of meat fly or blue bottle used as fishing bait

5) make gentle, break in gently

So as you can see I have the photo for GENTLE, a maggot artificial fly that Peter has already made and....who is also a 'gentle' man (kind, quiet and patient as fishermen are!!)

The first fly photo, he was making was a diawl bach (welsh fly???!!)


  1. Wow, thank you for all these definitions, Lynne, I wasn't aware of them all.
    I don't like fishing but I love the flies, they can look so pretty !
    Be very careful with your craft room that it doesn't get taken over for good, LOL.
    As of 3am: When hubby is traveling, his plane leaves incredibly early from Gatwick, so 3am is the time to get up in order to catch it !!!

  2. You certainly do learn something new every day!

    My dh actually suggested I take his photo for 'gentle' man!!!!! But he's on holiday shaving mode and I wouldn't subject that on anyone!

  3. Hope he has some luck fishing, and agree Peter is a gentleman! Good luck with the walking.

  4. Thank you for your definitions, they provided me with much needed inspiration for today.

  5. Your Hubby sounds a very special man

  6. I wasn't sure what that was from the thumbnail but I love how you have provided the definitions.
    Very apt photo.

  7. Thanks for that information Lynne. I didn't know some of that.