Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 116 - POWERFUL

Today hasn't been a good day. My daughter in law's father died last night just a month after her Aunt died, so she needed quite a lot of support instead of us packing to go away tomorrow!
I have finally packed and we are all ready for a very wet and maybe cold holiday in the lakes!!
The word for a photo today was POWERFUL, I wanted to take a photo of an electricity pylon that I knew we would pass when we went out pm but DH wizzed past it!! As we stopped at a garage on the way home I saw this and although I am not sure what it is it looks pretty impressive and powerful object, is it for communication? Of course as I am uploading I realised that a light bulb would have been a good subject for powerful!!

I probably won't be able to get online to upload again until after the bank holiday but I will be taking a photo each day for our daily word.
Thank you Suzie for doing this, we are nearly a third of the way through our year already!!!


  1. I am so sorry for your DIL's father. xx
    Your "thing" whatever it is looks amazingly powerful, yes.
    I hope you have nice holidays !!!

  2. sorry to hear about your day lynne, hope you have a good holiday

  3. Hugs for your daughter in law. You'll be on your way on holiday now I expect

  4. Sending you all some hugs. hope today was a better day for you.