Saturday, 14 April 2012

Day 104 - PETAL

It is late and I have just got in after an excellent but expensive meal in an Italian restaurant in Rye with friends and realised I hadn't posted todays photo. I am afraid that I have cheated and found some photos of flowers in Picasa. Like Anne with her trees and clouds I am the same with flowers and skies LOL! I particularly like this one and have cropped it to just show 1 petal
Today has been tiring but we are now almost at the end of the tunnel as our carpet man came today to lay our carpets instead of tomorrow. We were in such a mess all day and had to leave him to lock up as we had to pick up our friends at 6.30. We have come home to such a lovely sight of carpet in the hall and lounge, it feels so warm and welcoming. It was 3 months this weekend when we found the leak!
Tomorrow I will show you some photos of the carpet being laid


  1. That's a beautiful photo Lynn, I love the color.
    Can't wait to see the carpet, lol.
    Yes, it's really late. DH just arrived driving back from Gatwick. Off to bed now !

  2. beautiful petal and such good news about the carpet

  3. What a lovely colour the flower petal is.