Sunday, 22 April 2012

Day 113 - SYMBOLIC

I really will have to take some time to sort blogger out. I hated Google chrome but it looks as if I will have to put it back on my computer to be able to see everything properly!!
A lovely sunny day but spent, church sewing (repairs) and getting a meal ready for one of our family this teatime
I found a selection of jewellery symbols I wear to show I am a Christian. The 2 fish earrings and the fish pin story can be found here for those who do not want to read the link, the 2 earrings have Greek symbols which are shaped as a fish as the Greek word for Fish is ICHTHYS and it means Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour


  1. Lovely symbols of Christianity.

  2. I use Mozilla Firefox and have no problems seeing blogger. Great symbols.

  3. They look very beautiful, Lynne.
    As of Blogger, I think it changed on its own and it is just a new version.