Monday, 16 April 2012

Day 107 - TREE AGAIN!

What a strange day. I woke very tired, I still hadn't recovered from yesterday!
I went to meet DD and my friend Carol for breakfast and then shopping in Sainsburys.
Rushed home to take carpet bits to be whipped for patio door and front door and then home to shower and get ready for D in Law's Auntie's funeral. We finally left the wake at 3pm and had several calls on route to home. The lady making the curtains came to re measure, (they will be hung on Thursday and then the furniture shop rang with good news, our furniture will be delivered on Friday so a real home by the weekend!!
We then jad a phonecall from DIL to say her DDad who is very poorly in hospital had had a stroke during the funeral (all phones switched off) so they came after visiting the hospital and we finally ate at 7pm.
Then our decorator rang to say could he return for the rest of the week to finish all the doors and frames on the otherside of all the decorated doors and also decorate our kitchen before we have new make over once again...that is another story as our doors 3yrs old have blown!

I am about to go to bed after posting my photo for today, a collage of today and the same tree in Feb. As you can see the tree looks very much the same but the ground and foliage around has flourished and flowered!!
A close up of the 'cropped' willow tree shows that the leaves are slowly coming!

Sorry I haven't commented on your blogs ladies but promise tomorrow night I will! (after our granddaughter day!!


  1. It will be luxury to have your arm chairs/sofas at long last

  2. Very pretty collage. Hope your DIL is OK. What a day for her !

  3. Spring is definitly here.