Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 110 - SMALL and new curtains!

YES! we have our new curtains up! These are at the dining room end
and this is the lounge end, same curtains in sunshine and shade!

We have had the same material used for the hall curtains

Cannot wait for the suite to arrive tomorrow !!
Here is my 'SMALL' photo, a label for scrapping that I have never used yet!

Thank you Anne for making me correct the day LOL!!


  1. great news about your curtains and what a cute label!

  2. Beautiful curtains. By the way, you are a day back since Day 107 tree. Today is in fact day 110 ! x

  3. Curtains look good, looking forward to seeing the suite in situ
    love that little label you will have to do a page of when your DGD was newborn and use it there.

  4. Glad you've got your new curtains, that label is so cute.

  5. Your curtains look great Lynne :) I have one of those labels to, a 'baby' one I got when DS2 was born.... He's 6 now lol

  6. I love those little labels- they are so cute.

    The new curtains look great- hope you are soon enjoying a coffee relaxing on your new suite!

  7. The new curtains look great, roll on tomorrow for you. The label is lovely.

  8. Looks beautiful Lynne, great photos. I hope the suite comes early :) Jen xx