Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Day 102 - ELEGANT

Well I am definitely not elegant!! When I first went to SW and lost 4st in weight in 2009 I tried on my wedding dress from 1985 and could JUST get in it, did I feel elegant, no not really!!

Now I always think formal weddings are elegant and here is my very close friend Ann at her son's wedding in 2008. She has always been elegant every day when she was at work (a teacher) going out or is at home. Here she is with me...I had no hat or jacket LOL!! OK she was the grooms Mother :)

Today it rained on and off all day. I have spent the day dyeing my black summer clothes a strong black again!!

DH came home and wanted to go out. I had seen on local TV about our new 'Winkle up statue in our Old Town and we went to see it. First I saw this boat on a roof top!

Then our local net huts displaying the sign that locals have been saying "NO to Gerwood" the new Art Centre that HAS been built! Here is the new building

The Winkle Island statue seems to have disappeared from my blog LOL!!


  1. Lovely photos- always enjoy seeing wedding photos.

    Your dil is very talented.

  2. I think you all look very elegant and weddings are great for the word :0)