Friday, 1 November 2013

1st November - Back from holiday in Italy

We arrived back from N Italy having been with Riveria Travel company on a tour staying in Stresa, L Maggiore. We had a tour each day for 6 out of the 7 days visiting Zermat in Switzerland where we took the train up to the Matterhorn, L Orta, L Como as well as L Maggiore, the islands on the lake and a long boat trip to Locarno at the top end of the lake and a train through the mountains and coach back to Stresa.

It was a very busy schedule and we have never had such a busy holiday before and never again BUT it was worth every penny we paid for the holiday! Here is a glimpse through some photos...rather a few I'm afraid
 Early morning view of lake from our balacony
 Peter outside our hotel
 Various lake views from different boats

Lunchtime eating out 

 and yet another pizza for Peter!!
I couldn't manage all this so cut all the crust off!!
 more photos of us out and about
We came back tired and having had 2 clock changes backwards in 3 days  I couldn't get going on Wednesday!  My cough is still with me and I have a very painful knee from sitting in planes, coaches and boats too much and stairs and steps everywhere didn't help!!  but we did enjoy it, the hotel was excellent, people on the tour where great and an excellent courier too.
Now I will go and blog this week's challenge from Vivienne.....


  1. Those pizzas look huge!! Love the photo of you and Peter looking at each other, was then surprised to see you both wrapped up with snow!! Looks like you had a really fantastic time, would love to go to Italy one day. xx

    1. Our tour took us one day to Zermat in Switzerland and then the Matterhron

  2. Wonderful pictures - your journey has been very interesting!
    I am very glad you shared this with us!
    Thank you very much for each as your comment - it's a great support to me!
    /Please tell something about Peter and the time when he was a soccer referee! Do you have pictures?/