Wednesday, 27 November 2013

27th November - What I learnt today

Wednesday is supposed to be a day for Peter and I.  Sadly this hasn't happened for a while. Today he has gone fishing with a friend and I have wasted the morning on the laptop!!

So, the first thing I know not learnt is that having the computer on in the same room wastes time!!
I have found an owl remote control pattern
Aren't they cute?

and learnt how to make it by printing off the instructions, I need the material and time to make it.

Can I also ask any of you in the UK if you would vote for our local Hospice today
who has a chance through a phone vote to win £50,000. Voting is between 9am and midnight tonight. You can make up to 10 calls on landline or mobile, or both :) The phone no is 08716268866 Hope you didn't mind me asking, maybe your extra vote will help them win :)
You can find their page on Facebook

Must turn this machine off now and do the ironing first!!


  1. Oh they are sooooo cute Lynne. xx

  2. I'd love to have a go making one of these, Lynne. They are lovely.