Thursday, 28 November 2013

28th November - What did I learn? - Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

Isn't the internet a marvellous tool for learning! Both Anne, Helen and I have learnt something new this week on it.
Yesterday I had a PJ day until teatime. It isn't often I do that but it was lovely! So what did I do in my PJ's all day, well I looked at lots of craft sites and learnt some new things. This was one of them!

I also learnt how to remove a camera card that got stuck in my computer...with a long pointy tool and the strong v thin red double sided tape, put into the slot and then remove the pointy tool and hey presto out came the tape and card as well

I also made 2 V pillow cases to match our new bed linen out of a single sheet and tackled some of the ironing, more to do today!!


  1. Lovely napkin. Lol at the pointy tool. When we went to Marseille, the memory card was stuck in my parents camera and it looks like you an I had the same kind of tool !!! xxx

  2. Thank you! Lynne - lovely napkin, Yes!!
    I saw a few videos - really interesting and enjoyable!

  3. you have had a busy day!....and I remember the time we didn't have internet and I have no idea how we found things out, without no internet :)

  4. Lovely busy day, Lynne. I've not had chance to learn anything much today

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day and you achieved so much. xx