Monday, 4 November 2013

4th November - Viv's week catch up!!

Sadly I seem to have got out of the habit of regularly blogging these past few weeks! I think going on holiday from Tues to Tues messed up 2 weeks and we are away again for 6 days from this Wed. Wonderful retirement life!!

It is taking some organisation to go away again as Peter and I are together for 3 days from Wed to Fri at Carol and her partner's house in Wilts.  Then Fri - Sun I am at a scrapping retreat with my UKS group the Crumblies 10 mins from where Carol is living.  Peter is off to Chew Magna to fish Chew lake each day and  to stay with my college friend Pat and DH.  On Sun Pat is collecting me and I join Peter for Sunday afternoon and evening at Chew Magna with our friends before we return home next Mon!!

Already I have different piles for each of us and surprise birthday cake and candles for Dave who will be 70 on Wed as well as making dessert Wed am for the evening party!! Wine and food for breakfasts have been bought. Prepping my scrapping is done and lamps and leads are in another bag, just clothes to think about tomorrow!

Today unexpectantly I have had Zac for the day and tomorrow both Zac and Xanthe as Zac's school has 2 inset days tagged onto half term!!

Anyway enough of excuses here I am!

Planning for the future.  At first I said I don't think about the future but of course I do as I am a planner! I like to think that really I am a 'here and now' person and really like the sentiments of this page from Bernice Hopper's November 'Gratitude' challenge which I am following but hoping to do in January.  There you are future planning!!!  :D

Here is day 3 page of her's which I really agree with! NEVER Have a bucket list as you don't know what the future holds, do what you can NOW if possible! All my dreams I can really say I have done, wonderful memories and hopefully more in the future but what, I do not know!!

So nothing planned for 2014 except the challenge and will think what we will do in that year next year!
Before then this is what we have planned before 31st Dec
DGS's 18th Birthday meal next week
DstepD's birthday in Dec with some of the family coming as we are away for Christmas
Peter going to see Steele Eye Span in Dec with D in L
Our crowd Christmas meal in December at a pub
Christmas - 4 days away for  a Saga theme few days Hollywood to Broadway specially for Peter :)
we have never been away for Christmas and left the family before!! Very strange!!
I will finish with this
except for me as a Christian my belief is that this life as enjoyable as it can be a waiting expectation of a wonderful eternal life with my Father God. Amen x


  1. I so agree with you, Lynne. Life is not a rehearsal and we should thank god for each day - not easy somedays.
    You have certainly got lots of planning done and it looks like you are going to have a great Christmas even though different. I said in my last post to you I would ring you this week but it looks like you are so busy that I should leave it until you get back from your next break.

    1. OK Viv Tues evening next week should be OK?

  2. What a lovely post, certainly got me thinking. thanks for sharing. xx

  3. I agree - lovely post!
    I learn from you every day and hour! Many thanks for that!

  4. Great post. Yes, I think you are quite the planner. Some things you do have to plan in advance, like the airline tickets we have purchased to go to Arkansas for Thanksgiving and a cruise in January. Last year was the first year we did not spend Thanksgiving here in Florida as we went to Arkansas then as well. My son and his family cannot make here so we started new tradition by going there so they wouldn't have to spend the holiday alone. We have never been away for Christmas. I will be interested to see how you liked it. Have a great trip!

  5. A lovely ready this morning Lynne, you certainly are having a very busy period. Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you show up from your plans. xxx